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 Born in blood and raised in sin.
Daughter to the most prolific serial killer in the United States.
Madness flows through my veins like a drug, pulling me deeper into the abyss.
I feel the mania slowly burning through my veins, the dark vices of my father corrupting my sanity.
How much longer until it consumes me completely?
It’s when I meet Caelian Morelli that everything changes.
A man whose darkness matches mine.
He lives for death. An assassin. A murderer.
Son of the Morelli mafia, there’s something about his devilish nature that draws me in.
He’s the match to my flame; possessive and vicious.
I tell myself we are an impossibility.
But it doesn’t stop me from walking straight into the fire.
Though, when my past becomes my present, my life hangs in the balance.
I’ve always believed I’d become the hunter, though in the end, will I become the hunted?

Twisted Dares is the full-length novel and the first in the series. Twisted Dares contains content that may be triggering to some readers.

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