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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Bookish Boutique Work?
The Bookish Boutique is just like every other boutique store, except ours is online and focused for the book lover in mind! 
How can I apply to be an affliate for The Bookish Boutique?
The Bookish Boutique is proud to announce our affiliate program coming soon, and in beta testing stage.

* Do you have a large Instagram, Tik-Tok, or YouTube following? 

* Do you love to support your favorite companies by showing off their merchandise, reviewing their products and shouting their names from the rooftops? 

* And MOST IMPORTANTLY---- Do you love books with your whole heart? Could you call yourself a book worm, book lover, book obsessed? Is your TBR a mile (or 8129372 miles) long? 

Our affiliate program is open to beta reviewers as we are in our start-up phase. In exchange to recieving some of our products, completely free to you, you agree to provide a free and honest review of our products, company and services. If you love our company and prove to be a great fit for the team, we will invite you to be an official affiliate! Which recieves the newest bookish merch to promote for our company, and upon passing our monthly threshold will then recieve commisions! Spots are limited and The Bookish Boutique reserves the right to choose freely and without bias to any/all applicaints. Sign up does not guarentee affiliate position with The Bookish Boutique.

How can I apply to be a Bookish Boutique Author?
The Bookish Boutique is a lover of all genres, authors & books!! We would love to have you!!

Please Email Your Interest to: 

Please mark in your subject line- Author Box Applicant
Please include in the body of your email- All book and social media links. Along with why you think you'd be a great addition to our company. 
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