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Once upon a time I was the sun...their sun
The light to their dark
They were my world and I was their everything
Until they left

They broke me
Leaving me to pick up the pieces
And I did just that
Unfortunately, they didn’t fit the same anymore

Royal, Jaxon, Lucky, and Dante are back
Each of them wanting more from me than I can give
Would they still want me if they knew the truth
Would they still love me if I let the darkness take over

Would I still be their Angel if they knew I let the devil in?

Twisted Souls is the first book in the Reapers of Havoc series and must be read in order. The heroine will have multiple hot-as-hell love interests.

Please be advised this series contains a lot of dark content, graphic sex scenes and harsh language. This book is recommended for 18 and older. If dark content triggers you then this book is not for you. Otherwise, happy reading.