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Timelines & Updates


Hi Bookish! 

Our new customer service team starts in May, please be patient as we onboard them!

Any order not listed, please let us know!

Lexi C. Foss Blood Alliance SEs: Spring 2024 estimated ship date

Pirates, Sirens, Sea Monsters- On time; E-Book live- 3/15/24. Hardbacks July Shipping Date.

If Wings Had Scales- On time; E-Book Live- 6/1/24. Hardbacks August-September Shipping Date.

Crescent City- On time; June 2024

Den of Vipers- On time; Arrives to us from Amazon 4/22- first round ships end of April

Full Throne of Glass Series- On time; Ships August 2024.

Kate Stewart's The Ravenhood Trilogy- On time; Ships Fall 2024.

Stacey Marie Brown: Spring 2024

Alisha Williams SVU: Spring 2024

Crystal North: Spring 2024

Demi Warrik: Springs 2024


Cassandra Featherstone: Estimated to us June 2024.

Silent Night: Dates given by Overseas Printer-- Estimated Ship Date 4/16/24-- Estimated Arrival End of April 

Into The Dark: Arrives to us from China- June 15th. (date given from printer)

Des Sweet Revenge Body- On time; Ships September-October.

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