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Timelines & Updates


If you have a box inquiry not listed, please contact us on contact page.
Inquires take up to a week for response.

MAJOR UPDATE-- We will be working fast and hard to get ALL boxes (late, stalled, otherwise) Shipping out before the new year!! Because of this we are putting our heads down and getting boxes out fast!! Response time will be slow, if you are wondering where your package is please check here first!! We will update here on as much as we can to cut down on emails so we can concentrate on packing orders! 

Thank you,
- Bookish Team


Academy Lovers: Awaiting 1 Book & 2 Merch Items

July Monthly Book Box with merch: Awaiting 2 Books & Items

August/September/October: Dark Romance/Taboo/RH Book Only Box: Awaiting Books

Lexi C. Foss Blood Alliance SEs: Will update estimated ship date soon. Tumblers Done. Bats Done. Map Done. Hoodie Design Reveal 2nd week in November. Awaiting book arrival- Ordered.

All Hallows Eve Paperbacks- Ordered & status: Printing


Printing Update from Printer: Delayed. When we have a current est. shipping date; we will post here.

All Hallows Eve Hardbacks- Stenciled- Shipping.

NON-Stenciled: Printing

All Hallows Eve Merch Add-Ons- Ordered awaiting arrival

Book & Gift of The Month: Shipping on time- Early

Blind Date With A Book Box: All Shipping by December 10th

Any Boxes Late or Behind- Shipped/Refunded-- completely caught up before end of the year!!

Natalie Bennett Old Money Series: Est. January; Author in contact!!

Natalie Bennett Boxes: Author in contact!! Any Dahila Series not shipped will be fulfilled after the new year, or a refund can be requested. All other boxes (not old money) will be shipped and caught up before new year!!

Stacey Marie Brown: Awaiting shipping est from printer. Pre-Order ends 11/30/23

Alisha Williams SVU: Awaiting shipping est from printer. Pre-Order ends 11/30/23

Crystal North: Awaiting shipping est from printer. Pre-Order ends 11/30/23

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