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Congrats, Vivid Volumes!!

Check out more information on our sister bookshop here!! Ticket Sales go live May 1st, 2024!! 

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A Bookish paradise 

for every reader in mind.

Sprayed Edges


Check out our sprayed edge shop! As of April 2024, all sold products are in collaboration and with all authors approval! All our edges are hand sprayed in house giving our books an extra special touch! 

We work with both indie authors and top publishers to product in collaboration special editions that readers will love! Want all the amenities such as hardback books with foiling, decorative edges, custom illustrated end pages and other great add-ons to make your favorite read truly a collections item? Look no further! 

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Special Editions

Our Author Testimonies

Sophie Dyer Author Image.jpg

I cannot recommend The Bookish Boutique enough. Right from the start the team have been responsive, informative and generally nice to talk to. They are exceptionally professional and nothing is too much for them to do.

Their pricing is more than fair, and even through communication, they have been more than accommodating with any questions, requests or enquiries.

I look forward to continuing to work with them.

My thoughts on The Bookish Boutique is that they gave a smaller author like me a chance. Before them, I’ve been beating my head against a wall trying to get into a book box. So when Chelsii said yes, I was floored. If not for the bookish boutique, I’m not sure if I ever would have gotten a box.  I will continue using the bookish boutique and I’m sooooo excited about the future of this company. Honestly, all they can do is grow and expand at this point.

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